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Education is generally mistaken as gaining academic knowledge. No! education is much more than that; it involves a holistic development of child, imparting value based learning and development of cognitive skills. Lucknow Public School is a mission started in 1983 by the great education visionary Dr. S.P. Singh, established with the sole purpose of imparting quality education to young minds to help them groom into a complete person. The school aims at imparting value based education to the children developing cognitive excellence and also their physical and socio-emotional development along with academic knowledge to ensure complete grooming of the children. LPS allows young learners an introspective and analytical ability to assimilate the creativity.

Why ‘Value Education’ is important to students and how it is imparted in this branch?

Value education starts from home but it continues throughout life. Value education in schools plays a major part in individual’s life. Value based education can shape their future and add purpose to their life. It helps them learn to live the right way of life. School is the place where the child spends most of his or her learning years. Many attributes and behaviour they develop for a life time have their roots in school. The school gives due importance and priority for inculcating these desirable values among children. Special well-planned learning experiences are designed so that students understand the importance of value in the real sense rather than just a fact. These learning experiences are designed at two levels – Value education through curriculum: Curriculum of Life Skills is developed on a detailed analysis of the students of a particular class. The curriculum of other subjects are flexible enough to incorporate teaching of values. Any theory or illustration explained is linked with value in life. For example, while explaining gravitation, we say anything that has ego falls down. While teaching creative writing and grammar rules, emphasis is given on values like sacrifice and brotherhood. This helps students explore more about each value. Value education through co-curricular activities: Educational activities like debate, poem recitation are organised on themes like sincerity, honesty and regularity. This not only strengthens the expression of feelings in words but also emphasises to think and understand the importance of such values. Through cultural art forms, socially desirable values are taught. Attributes like team work, coordination, respecting others’ opinion, etc are cultivated. When a school extends beyond classroom walls, a student realises the problems in the outside world. Through various social activities like cleanliness drive, plantation, literacy drive, helping the destitute, they understand their responsibility towards these social stigma and start valuing the things they already have. Through sports activities students can focus on physical and mental health, team spirit, honesty, determination, along with the game. Students also learn to respect others’ efforts and accept defeat.

History of Lucknow Public School, Sec-9 Vrindavan Yojna branch

This branch of LPS was established in 2009. During the popularization of education methodology of CBSE board LPS was among the early risers to understand the benefits of CBSE education system and therefore established CBSE affiliated branches in and outside Lucknow. This Sector-9 Vrindavan Yojna branch came up with an aim to impart LPS culture to the suburbs of Lucknow. At present LPS is imparting education to more than 3000 students.

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Education, is the exercise of the mind to kindle an urge in the children to acquire more and more knowledge to make them capable of facing the challenges,without diluting all the essential sincerity and honesty,in their march towards progress. In the words of John Holt "School is a place in which all children grow,not just in size,not even only in knowledge,but in curiosity,courage,confidence,independence, resourcefulness,resilience,patience,competence and understanding."          We at L.P.S Vrindavan Yojna Branch,have been seeking hard to inculcate all these qualities among students through various activities. We aim to empower our students to grow as individuals with strong open discerning minds with an international perspective ,preparing them to make a mark in the global village. 

English teacher (Senior Wing)

Mr. Virendra bahadur Singh

We , the parents of our child studying in highly honourable school Lucknow Public School Vrindavan Yojana branch has got a great response from the School every now and then . We highly appreciate the efforts of the branch management team , the principal and the teachers . Not only in the times of the normal school days when our child used to go to school but also in the time of this pandemic the teachers and everyone associated with the branch have shown a great zeal and enthusiasm . This is a matter of pride for us that our children are studying in such a renowned branch .

Father of Mahi Singh, 7 D

Sabeeha Nusrat

"If everyone is moving together, then success takes care of itself." The credentials of branch speaks for itself through the success of its students who left their trail on traditional as well as uncharted fields with unprecedented success in every conceivable area. We aspire to create a symphony in the hearts of our young pupils,such that it exudes pure music and propels them to the exalted position that is the beginning of wonderful dreams.

English Teacher (Senior Wing)